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"I've been working with Financial GPS for a couple months now and it's been life changing. Like literally, I have had to worry about nothing which is a rare thing in my position."

"I love working with them. I'd recommend it to anyone who's out there, especially if you're running a business and you're very very busy and you need to make sure that your books are in order..."

Jedi Weller, Founder

Open Forge

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"I'm thrilled to be working with Financial GPS. If you're not working with them today, you should be working with them. If you want to grow a business, if you want to stay on top of  all your financial statements and make sure that you have a healthy financial company, then you need to work with Financial GPS today."

Bruce Marable, CEO and Co-Founder

Employee Cycle

"Financial GPS has helped me improve my business by far.

It's helped me understand my metrics using Explainer Videos to really bring it down to my level of understanding.

They really speak about each individual part of the numbers, what they really mean and help me go from where I am to where I want to go. My business is very much my baby and Financial GPS came in and gave me a lot more information and skills to really develop the business into a full grown, live, breathing business."

Ray Wall, Owner

Got Laundry

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"Financial GPS has helped our business in ways we couldn't even imagine! Their videos are creative, clear, consistent and easy to understand. They communicate with us on a bi-weekly and monthly basis to keep us on track. Thanks to Rayce and Liz, we finally feel confident in knowing what our financial numbers mean, and how important they are for our growth. "

Darlin & Bleigh Garcia, Owners

Art In Motion Dance Academy

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"Financial GPS has been a value-add to our business since day one. The way they communicate your numbers is unmatched and keeps you focused on where the business stands with their unique video update model. Now that we use them as partners I am able to focus on the growing the business while they keep track of our accounting and bookkeeping."

Andrew, CEO

Live Chair

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"Financial GPS is a highly-personable and professional enterprise. As a non-profit engaged in philanthropy around the world, they provide an A-to-Z service that helps us be all that we can be. If pioneering vision is your goal, I would highly recommend any business of any size into their remarkable expertise."


Pastor Aaron Campbell, Senior Pastor

Antioch Christian Fellowship 

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