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Productivity Tip: Miscommunication Means Inefficiency

In this blog series, we share some productive tips for business:

Effective communication is crucial for the success of any business, all the more life in general. Whether talking to a client or a big team, miscommunication can be found anywhere among individuals. Insufficient communication points the business in the direction of missed deadlines, disagreements, and distraught team members. Teams with good communication practices don’t happen by chance.

Clarity is Sanity

There are many ways to get information across to people, and overcommunicating is one of them. Sometimes things will have to be mentioned more than once if the scope of a project is complicated, in order to avoid any obstacles. No one can effectively finish and carry out tasks if they are unsure what tasks they are responsible for or what it entails.

Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short. – Adam Hochschild

Less Meeting Time, More Action Time

Working from home or in the office, get the team together for a progress check. Prior to this meeting, make sure to create a list. At Financial GPS, we use an agenda meeting template. This keeps track of what day to meet, who is attending or not attending, and what goes on during each meeting, and helps focus on what needs to be addressed. The rest of the attendees should add necessary topics of interest and bring their own notes or questions to comment on. The end of this template should include a section for the next steps or an action list. It shows what the task is, details of the task, assigned to who, and the due dates if that is available. Sharing the document around clarifies what the meeting is about and keeps individuals’ tasks and projects moving forward.

Software Promotes Productivity

In a time of remote work, technology has made it easy for everyone to feel closer to each other. Connecting with teammates can matter to some as the social aspect of work can feel like it’s missing. There’s also the issue of when you are in urgent need of items from people, email may not be the fastest way to reach others.

Financial GPS’s favorite communication software is Slack. Slack can be used within the organization and those outside of it. This means that you can have a chatroom with the internal team and the client. This is a great option for those that have conflicting schedules or just have quick questions with simple answers.

We can’t promise that following all the above will solve all the problems. However, if these ideas aren’t something that’s incorporated into your business’s routine, then you should definitely start. These best practices will turn into habits that can make a powerful group.


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