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Say hello to Rayce Rollins, the go-getter, and founder of Financial GPS! Rayce enjoys reading, fine wines, and speed chess. At Financial GPS, Rayce spends most of his time trying to figure out how to productize data. He loves R-Studio, SQL, AWS, and blended data sets. Rayce is married with two kids. He enjoys traveling and cooking with his family. 

Favorite Bible Verse for Business People:

Proverbs 19.17 "Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed."

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Meet Liz Becerra, our Chief Operating Officer aka the person who keeps the ship afloat and moving forward. She focuses on keeping operations running smoothly while coming up with new processes to stay up to date with technology and systems. A fun fact about Liz is that she used to be a World Champion Latin Dancer. She also has her bachelor's degree from Temple University in Theatre. It doesn't take people long to realize that Liz loves being on camera and loves making accounting fun. A goal that Liz has is to purchase her first home this the middle of a pandemic... but that's what makes life fun! Living on the edge and living in a house - good luck Liz!

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Introducing, Wendy Ni! She's the one that makes sure onboarding clients go smoothly, assists with any client concerns/cases, keep Financial GPS alive and active online. Fun fact, Wendy enjoys working out with weights - one of her favorite exercises is called the deadlift. She is currently self-teaching how to write in Mandarin and some basic Korean. Her long term dream is to be part of the live music realm (specifically EDM because of its values: PLUR - peace, love, unity, respect).

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Say hi to Hanna Debela. She is our staff accountant! Her job is to help clients understand cash flow in their business. She is also a NASM certified personal trainer. Hanna loves working out and living a healthy lifestyle. Her favorite part of the day would be playing and reading with her kids. Check out her Youtube channel!

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Meet Tiffany Coppola, she's our staff accountant. Her job consists of providing her clients with valuable services as well as real-time financial data in regards to their small businesses. She got her start in this industry back in high school when she accidentally took a College Accounting class instead of an art class ("the class numbers were awfully close"). It was the best mistake she has made to date because Tiffany quickly realized she had a knack for accounting and after not much time at all she was tutoring classmates in what sounded like an impossible subject. From there, she continued her education and now she's a Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor. She strives to ease clients' minds when it comes to financial decision-making so they can focus on day-to-day operations. Way to go Tiffany!

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