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QBO Tutorial: How to Upload Products & Services

Updated: Aug 7

How many services or products do you offer? Wouldn't it be helpful to know exactly how much you sold of Product X or spent on Product Y? Such knowledge would definitely help you grow your business. Here's a quick blog on how to grow your business with products and services.

Steps to Upload Bulk Products & Services

There's a particular format that is suggested when uploaded to QuickBooks. Here is a sample copy of the Excel template you can use or copy.

  • Start on the Dashboard page

  • Click on the Gear icon, on the top right

  • Under Tools, click Import Data

  • Select Products and Services

  • Click Browse

  • Select the file

  • Look over to see everything is correct

  • Click Next

  • Click Import

How to Check Products & Services

  • Head over to Sales, on the left side

  • Click Products and Services

  • Everything should be there!

Here's a video, for a more visual tutorial.

Here's a blog on how to enter bills into Quickbooks.

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