QBO Tutorial: How to Upload Bulk Invoices Using SaasAnt
  • Wendy Ni

QBO Tutorial: How to Upload Bulk Invoices Using SaasAnt

Why is this Helpful?

SaasAnt is a software that helps you automate certain tasks in QuickBooks Online. It saves us countless hours. Suppose that you want to generate and send hundreds of invoices with the push of a few buttons. Or suppose that you are switching accounting systems (say from Freshbooks to QuickBooks) and you want all of your old invoices in QBO. Well, here's how to do it with the help of SaasAnt.

Steps to Upload Bulk Invoices

  • Start in SaasAnt Program

  • Click on New Import, on the left side

  • Click Browse File

  • Select the invoice sheet

  • Next Select Sheet (if you have multiple tabs on your Excel sheet click on the one you want to use)

  • Select the Entity which is Invoices

  • Import to Quickbooks

Here's a video, for a more visual tutorial. We also go over how to edit/delete the invoices uploaded to Quickbooks in this video.

Here's a blog where we go through step by step on how to create recurring invoices in QBO.

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