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QBO Tutorial: How to Upload Bulk Customer Data

Save Time and Upload Customer Data to QBO

Forget manually typing in your customers' information to generate invoices. No one has time for that! In just a few clicks, you will be able to see all your customers' information all on Quickbooks Online, perfectly organized.

Steps to Upload All Customer Data

There's a particular format that is suggested when uploading to Quickbooks. Here is a sample copy of the Excel template you can use or copy.

  • Start on the Dashboard page

  • Click on the Gear icon, at the top right

  • Select Import Data under Tools

  • Click on Customers

  • Select Browse (find the file you created for your bulk customer data), click Next

  • QBO gives you a second chance to double-check everything before it fully imported

  • If everything looks good, click Import

Here is a video, for a more visual tutorial.

Here is a blog on how to upload bulk expenses using SaasAnt.

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