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QBO Tutorial: How to Create Recurring Invoices

Importance of Creating Recurring Invoices

So, why should we bother? There are many reasons for this! Here's the breakdown:

  1. Cashflow: recurring invoices help contribute to a consistent monthly foundation.

  2. Speed Up Payments + Save Time: having a regular schedule for the invoice prompt for payment lets you focus your time on things that are important

  3. Improves CRM: customers/clients will continuously stay, recommend, and bring in a steady income because of the consistent results.

Create Recurring Invoices Steps:

  • Start on the Dashboard page

  • Click on the Gear icon, at the top

  • Under Lists, click Recurring Transactions

  • Click New at the top right side of the screen

  • Under Transaction Type, select Invoice, click OK

  • Enter your Template name

  • Choose your Type (Scheduled, Unscheduled, Reminder)

  • Choose how many days in advance you want to create the invoice (optional)

  • Enter the Customer and Email

  • Select the Option that pertains to your needs (Automatically send emails, Print Later, Include unbilled charges)

  • If you wish to accept online payments, choose the ones you want to accept

  • Choose your Interval (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)

  • Select your Start date

  • Select your End date (if applicable) - if it is ongoing, then leave this blank

  • If your Customer is already setup, the Billing address and Net should autofill, if not - fill in this information

  • Fill in the invoice details (Product/Service, Description, Quantity, and Amount)

  • Enter a message displayed on the invoice such as "Thank you for your business!"

  • Once all information has been filled in, click Save Template

Here's a video for a more visual tutorial:

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