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How to Combine Two Cells in Excel

The Advantages of Combining Two Separate Cells

Ever run into a situation where you need to combine data from multiple cells into a single cell? Imagine you sent out a survey and you have an endless list of results and decide you want the first and last names to be combined. Here is how to combine two separate cells to a single one.

Steps to Combining Two Cells

  • Insert a cell to the right of the two cells you are trying to combine

  • Enter the following formula (keep in mind cell 1 would mean the first cell, same with cell 2): =concatenate(cell 1," ",cell 2)

  • To combine without a space , do not include the space within the quotation marks in the formula: =concatenate(cell 1,"",cell 2)

  • To combine with other information within, let's say we want to add in a colon, the formula would simply be: =concatenate(cell 1," : ",cell 2)

For a more visual tutorial, here is a video.

Here is a blog where we go through step by step to creating filters in Excel.

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