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How to Change Negative to Positive Numbers in Google Sheets

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We've all been there. We pulled a bank statement and found ourselves with some negative numbers that through some things off. In this blog, we will walk you through a simple formula that you can use to change negative numbers to positive numbers. We also add a quick tip at the end to make sure you don't have any issues with this simple trick.

Steps to Convert Negative to Positive in Google Sheets

  • In Google Sheets, start with the column that has negative data

  • To the right of the column, insert a blank column

  • In the new empty column, type the following in a cell: =ABS(cell value)

  • The cell value should be the number that is negative you want to change to positive

  • Drag the bottom right corner down or use the shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + arrow keys (this allows you to quickly select a large range of cells)

  • Copy all the values in the positive column, and paste values only in the column with all the negative values

  • Delete the extra column (that used the formula)

For a more visual tutorial, here is the video.

Check out this blog on combining two cells in Excel.

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