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How Did the Launch of Disney Plus affect Netflix?

Updated: Jan 29

Disney made a big move in 2019 by removing its license from Netflix which shocked a lot of people. Low and behold, in November 2019, we quickly realized the reason for this change. Disney launched its own streaming platform that houses every single Disney movie ever created which we all now know as Disney Plus. The question now is, what does this say for the future Netflix? You might think these 2 are in competition especially because

T-Mobile paired up with Netflix and Verizon paired up with Disney Plus.

So what does this mean for both businesses? Are they competitors?

Are they somehow partners? How does this affect each business?

There actually isn't much competition at all. When you look at the two streaming platforms, it's like comparing apples and oranges. They do the same thing, but they stream completely different content for a variety of users. So, if you've downloaded DisneyPlus, then you know DisneyPlus offers so much content for such a low rate at just $6.99 a month and it's pretty awesome knowing that you can watch every single Disney movie ever created on just one platform.

On the other hand, Netflix offers completely different content that Disney Plus doesn't offer. So when Disney removed its license from Netflix, it didn't necessarily affect it to the point where people would unsubscribe, but now we can watch things like movies and TV shows and Netflix originals that we all know and love.

Did Netflix take a hit?

When Disney Plus launched on November 11, 2019 Netflix didn't see any drop in subscribers or downloads. So I don't think we're really looking at a question of Netflix vs. Disney Plus. I think we're actually looking at a much bigger picture here which is streaming services versus cable.

Stayed tuned to see how this affects both platforms. Make sure to check out our blog, Disney Plus Launched...So Now What? to see how much they brought in monthly subscriptions.

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