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How to Use Video Marketing to Raise Awareness and Generate More Leads

Updated: Jul 8

People won't buy your product if they've never heard of your company before. Just like in math, marketing has a natural order of operations, and it's called the buyer's journey. Every buyer, consciously or subconsciously, goes through a three step mental process before they pull out their wallet. The first step is called, "the awareness phase."

During the awareness phase, buyers are looking to get acclimated. Their goal here is not to make a purchase but rather to become an "educated consumer." They are looking for coaches, teachers, and resources to help them answer a few questions and figure out what's what. From your company's perspective, the objective is to become that coach, that teacher, that resource, and to guide them through the buyer's journey -building trust at every touch point. Ultimately, you want to become a trusted friend and a recognizable face.

Understanding your company's role during the buyer's awareness phase is important because it will have a tremendous impact on your ability to close deals downstream, and here's why. People are socialized not to talk to (let alone buy from) strangers. People generally like to stick to what is familiar and buy from companies that they like, trust, and understand. It's basic human nature.

If you understand [this fundamental insight about] human buying behavior and psychology, then you should layer your marketing message into a funnel with content that is appropriate for each phase, instead of pushing the sale at every opportunity. Look at how HubSpot illustrates the relationship between the buyer's journey and a company's marketing funnel.

Buyer's Journey and Marketing Funnel

As you can see, awareness sits at the very top of the journey on the buyer's side. On the company side, however, it comes down to understanding, "how can we get more visitors to the website? How can we generate more leads, and how can we do it more consistently?" In my opinion, answering the "how can we generate new leads" question is imperative for early stage companies. Going back to my opening line, "people won't buy your product if they've never heard of your company before." Without awareness, which manifests in visits and leads (two leading indicators of future sales), your company is doomed.

The Key To Raising Awareness.

The key to raising awareness around your company is all about understanding what you're not going to do. Under no circumstances are you going to sell. Awareness is not sales. Your job is to help folks, answer questions, solve problems, add value. HubSpot calls this inbound marketing.

How We Raise Awareness at Financial GPS, a virtual bookkeeping service...

At Financial GPS, we offer a bookkeeping solution with explainer videos to help service-based businesses (marketing agencies, plumbers, lawyers, IT professionals, and consulting firms) better under their numbers and grow their businesses faster. Our buyer wants a trusted and skilled accountant in the trenches with them -someone who can play an advisory role and help them make the tough business decisions.

How do we raise awareness with these types of people? Well, we produce a lot of videos. Here are the three types of videos that we create in order to fill the top of the marketing funnel and generate more leads.

1) We create Free Online Courses (education is a great trust builder).

To do courses properly, you have to give some of your best stuff away for free. No BS.

Education is the best way to build trust, raise awareness, and fill the top of the funnel. If you want to go down this route, here are the two important things to remember:

  • first, make sure that your content is super worth it. You want to blow your buyer's mind. You want them to leave the course feeling indebted to you for all of the knowledge that you've bestowed upon them.

  • second, you need to brand a Professor (a thought leader). You need a likable and approachable person that people can get to know and trust. Our thought leader is Liz Becerra, our CEO. She teaches entrepreneurs and bookkeepers the ends and outs of QuickBooks Online. In our experience, people (as in your employees) are more likely to raise awareness for your product than a faceless company. Especially if your brand is small like ours. I call this the GaryVee effect ( which I'll expound on in another post).

2) We create explainer videos to review business books for entrepreneurs.

Short videos for distribution on social media. This helps you say top of mind with your prospects.

Every Tuesday morning, I post a piece of content called "the 90 second MBA", where I review and recommend a business book that I've read cover-to-cover and am now implementing into my business. In each video, I pull out one point from the book and I use motion graphics to explain it visually. Here are the keys to success with this strategy:

  • consistency, I post explainer videos every Tuesday morning on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • investment, you have to boost the post to reach people who are outside of your network

3) We create company vlogs to document our startup journey.

Accounting can get pretty boring. We use vlogs to humanize the business and mix in a little personality.

Obviously, we're in love with video marketing. It's a part of our DNA. I jokingly tell my team that we behave like a video marketing company that just happens to offer bookkeeping services. We spend a lot time thinking about video and vlogging because we believe that it is the best way to raise awareness in a 2019 digital world. At Financial GPS, our company vlog serves two purposes.

  • first, it keeps us sharp with the adobe creative cloud. I want us to master the creative tools which makes us better storytellers. We in the explainer business at end of day. We're masters of helping people understand.

  • second, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and our vlog raises awareness for Financial GPS

In closing, producing video content to raise awareness takes a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. Video marketing is so difficult in fact, that it can feel like you're trying to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool just one cup at a time. However, it's so worth it. We haven't been at it that long, but can already attest to its benefits. We're tripling down on video marketing in 2019 --watch how we do it.

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